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Happy Black Friday

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the United States. On the fourth Thursday of every November, Americans gather with their families to feast on turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and other such foods to “give thanks” for what they have. Since my family is not local, I spent Thanksgiving alone. This year, I decided to roast a turkey breast for myself. I found a great recipe through Google: apricot-glazed turkey breast. (Thanks, Google, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.) I used a 1 1/2 lb. kosher turkey breast with bone and a jar of reduced sugar organic apricot preserves from Trader Joe’s. The only problem was determining when the turkey was fully cooked. After roasting for longer than the recipe suggested, the temperature I read off the meat thermometer was going down instead of hitting 170 F. However, when I cut into the breast, the meat was definitely done.

Other than the unusual temperature reading, everything else went wonderfully well. I didn’t need to broil the turkey because the top was already brown and crisp when it finished roasting. The leftover glaze at the bottom of the pan made a delicious, tangy sauce for the surprisingly tender and moist meat. I didn’t even need to prepare gravy. This recipe is a winner!


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On weekends I don’t have the time management skills to run errands and do grocery shopping, eat, dress better than sloppily, and go to a 2 hour dance class all in the same day . That’s why I’m skipping half the dance class today.

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