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I’ve been ballroom dancing for about 2 years on and off. I’ve learned the ten International style ballroom dances, salsa, West Coast swing, lindy hop, Argentine tango, and a couple of American style dances. I like dancing. It’s fun, and it’s the only kind of exercise I can motivate myself to do frequently. I like competing in ballroom competitions and potentially winning, but it’s frustrating when I don’t win as easily or as much as I want, or get money, fame, or photo shoots for dancing.

Another facet of ballroom dancing is social dancing. I originally learned to dance because I figured it would be a way to socialize when I can never think of anything to say in a conversation. It took a long time to work, but it did eventually. Frankly, however, social dancing, can get tiresome. Socializing can also get tiresome. What I like best is dancing/practicing by myself to whatever music I feel like, or sometimes to no music at all. Then it’s just me, the music, and maybe the mirror.


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