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I like to procrastinate by browsing CNN, LA Times, BBC, Google News, and other news sites. Sometimes I find a headline, not always the most prominent, that interests me, and I use Google to dig up more information. I figured, why not do something with this research? So, here goes.

25-year-old LPGA golfer found dead

Erica Blasberg, 25, was found dead Monday morning in her home in Henderson, Nevada. An unknown person placed a 911 call. Her father stated that it looked like she had taken her own life, but the circumstances of her death were “very, very strange.”

Blasberg was a highly decorated collegiate golfer at the University of Arizona. After turning pro, her success has been mixed. She posted four top-10s in eight starts on the Duramed Futures Tour, but she never finished higher than 94th on the LPGA’s money list. However, she was successful in getting endorsements from Puma, Casio, and other companies.

It’s always sad when someone young, apparently healthy, and promising dies so suddenly. Suicide? Murder? For now we’ll just have to wait and see. At least one website is taking note a disgruntled fan who submitted questions through Blasberg’s website, but that’s just speculation.

Interesting fact: Blasberg was nicknamed “Skip” in college because she didn’t know how to skip.


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I knew about Wikipedia in college, but I wish it had been as mature then as it is now. I was reviewing the article about bitwise operations, and the thought crossed my mind that I could have benefited from such a comprehensive resource when I was in school. When I was in college, that particular article didn’t exist. The first version was written a month after I graduated, and it was much less comprehensive.

In a month or so I’ll be back in school with much more Internet power at my fingertips. This time I won’t be a full-time student, though. I’ll still be working full-time, and I’ll be taking one class at a time online.

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