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This morning, I woke before 8 am to a cacophony of squawks. The Pasadena parrots were in the area! I grabbed my camera and stepped outside to find the trees adjacent to and across the street from my apartment full of squawking parrots who were gradually flying north.

Look closely, and you’ll find at least three:

parrots in tree

How many parrots can you find?

If you want a better view, try zooming in on a larger version.

For the most part, the morning was too gray for my camera to capture vivid colors.

flock of parrots in tree

Parrots in tree. They look very black and white.

However, with a bit of cropping and level changing in Gimp, I revealed a grainy closeup of a colorful fellow.

closeup of parrot

It’s green! Probably a green-cheeked Amazon.


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